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by BluRum13

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Kenetic 03:16
I sit here cornered by my expectations, looking to a lie to find a revelation. what is this, closing open eyes to see the migration suddenly in the sound vibration in the words your lips are making I can feel it hit your skin, can tell the exact moment when, you think you saying, what you saying, is what you saying, revealing the actuality behind the reality now we telepathically communicating. I'm the balance between fire and ice, the calm that causes riots, when ducking the ruckus of rights, the mic device my accomplice on the most productive of nights, don't look befuddled like I'm suddenly nice. BluRum13 peep the words after the triple "w" then seek true answers to what it is that troubles you friend, 'cuz you got your own inquisitive mind, like i got mine, the stagnant get left behind. We are more then potential, always kinetic (Full Motion) We are more then potential, always kinetic Strangely enough hiphop can't fail, ain't like the 50's when they bailed on some angry white males to release the shackles, we global now can't you tell cross gender culture keeps the wind in our sails, the course correct to deliver the mail to set you free so you ain't even considering bail, listen citizen I get up in your skin like carbon from the sun, my style vital like water up in your christening, notice the glistening here we go again to get it done. I used to believe I was the one finishing it is but it ain't that is the contradiction so i tricks for the hookers and the poli-trixsions. I'm lived when I'm loved and loved beyond relief, my mother nurtured me to give it unconditionally, but that's not my practice like lawyers and gymnastics, flipping can be hazardous come on ask an activist.
T.L.O. 03:32
I wake mornings Inner light shinning despite the rain pouring. Ignoring the boring it's time to get your mind soaring. Constantly touring longing never to be foreign, the next level rebel turn your threat level orange, code red, yes it's important portions of the population tormented in torrents. crimes go unpunished faith in them plummets I need power hungry banker insurance just to get something from it, 'Cuz we can't ignore it so quick come and rummage through the waste that litters the surface of my birthplace making the truth impossible to stomach hard to taste profit from the take makes the top layer of the cake only grow further from the plate, I heard of the end of days followed by the rays of change. I keep my ears perked weapons gauged for the game smirk on my lips as I wield the future flame like …Fyyyiah chorus No Longer getting over.. It's embedded in the genetics the will to set it kinetic, pathetic when they expect you not to get it or regret it or get competitive and then indebted to the sentence 40 years hard labor for a favor and a residence, got you chasing paper praising past presidents thinking money is power and credit is excellent. Faith, changed from divinity ion dollars but humans hold the power of infinity go balance your chakras welcome to my ministry we 'bout to prey every hour to wash away the evil feeble cowards like a golden shower, think i need to speak about it from the watch tower? think i need to shout it out but rather doubt that there's a prowler, working you off balance with supernatural talents you can counter if you recognize what the lies amount to re-routing the intake away from the fat face destroying the rat race the people escape.
If I hurt ‘em I didn’t mean to It’s not in my demeanor Conception’s immaculate I take ‘em to the cleaners See how fast we just eliminate the cheaters Agitate the state like um, egg beaters Wait. Shaped like bass and tweeters Vibrate seismographic earthquake readers First get inside like headache fever With a deeper creative pain reliever It’s insane to see these so-called leaders Act like they don’t need us I peep the game of hide-and-seekers Keep ‘em wide-eyed and scrutinize for their finest features Preachin’ as if a halo had the head beneath it My self-pride won’t allow me to accept the teachings and the secrets Had me thinking I’m a cretin These creatures of deceit will see defeat if We read ‘em like a folded sheet and Just press out the creases These beatles bug me I look liberty in the face and say that don’t believe or trust People Every time I grab the mic Strivin, strivin, strivin, strivin People, keep on, risin, livin Strivin, strivin, strivin strivin, dig it We’re not your enemies brother We’re your illegitimate sons The products of your baby mothers Get it fitted it’s ‘cuz reality’s not for the faint of heart Now get out of people’s way if you’re not gonna play your part The help you can hand us, still our elders don’t understand us They call us out, reprimand us, causes reactions by David Banner I’m feelin’ this answer, they vilify us abandon us Sex and violence wasn’t born on BET’s cameras So don’t try to run on me sista, you want to say voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir We’ve seen our pimps turn principles our crips turn cops Women of Brewster Place the queen of the media and we don’t stop If I work it it’s ‘cuz I need to Some answers you don’t speed to Oceans become shallow but the problem gets deeper I use whatever medium I need to reach ya Pull you out your mental prison and introduce you to the ether Either we all agree to believe in no discrimination or slavery Subjugation or poverty or we will all perish eventually Now mentally I do not see that that was meant to be We annihilate our own species, please makes no sense to me And doesn’t reflect our assumed intelligence consumed by irrelevance then innocently distracted from our intent which was I believe to truly get free recognize the cage and its ways the patterns displayed but the actions remain the same reflections of insanity induced by deceptions and calamity abuse their weapons out of vanity the concept accept the duality inferior superiority complex when nothing is a subjugate, better than any other they don’t want us to see I want to hold technology out the hands of a corrupted government and wield it for the betterment of all people keep on, every time i grab the mic strivin, strivin, strivin, strivin people, every time i grab the mic strivin, strivin, strivin, strivin, dig it.
Cereal 02:15
No longer wait for miracles. Stronger, ate my Cereal. Recognize when it’s critical, now a purged individual. Exercise not the video, exorcize as in spiritual. Texturized you can feel it bro. Specialized flow to reel in folks, sexualize if you need to, OH!! We keep y'all. Just comin' and comin', and comin' back for more. Chorus Keep em coming and coming and coming back for more... Some say I'm traditional, see i like my Cereal, the other day i just spit a flow, Old School as a ritual, monumental and pivotal, Told fool its habitual, drove into your citadel... Had y'all listening right away. Hands gripping your mind today. Land missing you got to stay, Damn, maybe its Karma's way. Hey lady lets conversate. Play lazy don't contemplate me waking y'all. With That Damn sound again. Good gravy your looking great, Calm cautious with no mistake, had 'em hating hey what you say? Heard 'em hating. Hey What you say, sign saying it's this away no hoes I take the rake. Chorus Keep em coming and coming and coming back for more... No longer play imperial, see I ate my cereal, look beyond the miracle, now i wreck in the physical, move your neck or your little toe you selecting which way to go, question Heaven or hell below, whatever i really don't wait for miracles see I ate my cereal.... see I ate my cereal, astonishing and critical me surrounding you infidels, yo i ate my... Chorus Keep em coming and coming and coming back for more...
All Day 04:03
24-7, 365 days of the year times 10, a generation times 2, plus 2, ‘86 was the genesis enter this phase, transcripts on a page from a phrase ripped for the days events, ripped on the mic, amazing since, I never slip, grip mics, spit fire from the grill the desire of my will still burns in- turn, I'm still ill, skills kill when applied like genocide to monotony monopoly properly identified prompts men to decide to slide to the side swallow pride don’t collide with Blu and I, U-N-I verse, diverse lit, transmit raw band-with megahertz, megaton hits on fun shit run with cats that get open over drum kicks One hit Wonder how we do it 'cuz we Run shit!! Chorus. We be Boom Bap down to the core, some of these other rappers still jabbin they jaws, what they babblin for we the law above average not that regular law, we come betta for sure. We be Hip Hop down to the core, light music life movement, I know you want more. That’s why you came through the door dogs raisin' their paws real people recognize that the world is yours. If I could I would, give the gift of spit to every cynic or critic from free to written off-beat rhythmic lofty or street appealing, so they can be the art they’re softly killing its an awful feeling, when we deviate from building like lazy construction workers trust men to flirt with the women, lady don’t be scared or nervous, BluRum's an evil-fighting emcee of the people and also the children. Yess!! That’s a mic in my pocket and I’m happy to see you. Not see through not Sheople as part of the Flock, Or robots like R2D2, that’s why HIPHop don’t stop free will in Its’ finest oral form, laying the landscape on your mental canvas to escape through or at least relate to in a way that’s changed your day from a hazy shade of grey to a Technicolor blaze All Day! Of Beats and Phrase, drum breaks and speech, BluRum takes at least two every Monday, and sometimes Thursday, try practicing manipulation of phrase and wordplay, instead of “Un-Rapping” like it’s your birthday, mastering the metaphor in the first place, check the medal and the poker face competitive gaze. Ready to settle it don’t meddle kid, just get on my bike turn and peddle away. (Sho Yo Right) Or whatever phrase you want to say to relay to the dj his clever plays amaze, and are very appreciated, and the pain from the pressure of life has been recently alleviated. That’s why I wreck and check mics, select a set you might like, expect to move your necks like bumpy flights, produce a sweat like lusty nights, must be musty trust me I’m usually right. BluRum be… Boom, Bap, Original Rap, Fat Caps, Back packs, Tascam multi tracks, opposes withholding facts, like LASER sight come right and exact. Like my lines without slack, heads minus the crack, still cipher in random hallways as pre-stage show for play. Intensify the feel like, moray eels electrify the field every day all day.
Mash On 03:13
Chorus. I walk the planet kicking up dust.... Talk that magic they all want to touch.... My mom's like BluRum go strut your stuff... So I Mash On Mash ON! Mash ON! All I want to do is grab some fans man, a few grand, some land and some plants man. they wanna curse me I can't understand them, sound like rah rah rah, BluRum's so handsome. I hold rappers for ransom at random. You're no factor if we can't understand em, we got shackles and duct tape and handcuffs. Take you to my house of pain, c'mon throw your hands up!! If you got the feeling, suck a little helium... Cuz I cans, yet Fenna dropped one, so roll your friend a spliff and give a shotgun! I'm not from here and your not either so shut your mouth and puff this reefer, make you feel light like you soaking in ether, drop your starbuck moca frappachinna, spit that hot sauce to blow you out your sneakers. I miss the days when Hiphop was having fun now it preaches violence praises blasting guns, think I've reached my tolerance stand by fight or run, damn right stand, another phase has begun. Chorus. All I want to do is grab some fans man, a few grand some land and some plants man. they wanna curse me I can't understand them, sounds like rah rah rah, BluRum's so handsome. The man with the mic maneuvers like a phantom so stand where you like we light it like a lantern. Havanna, to Atlanta, Indiana, Montana, stamina to rock the sandy lands of the Savanna!! Off we go the Bro's on another tangent so yeah where was i through your hands up, like you want to speak from an assigned seat, move them joints around to circulate the heat. I circulate beneath 'til we rise like yeast, obliterate the beast cuz i can't stand them invigorate my peeps, they feel my anthem.
Quixotic 04:10
Here We Go (venga) Here we go. Here we go. Here we go... Non stop that's the only option, got us growing like ganja in the garden owning the knowledge, spreading it far, then wait for the buds to blossom. As if i just jumped the starting gate, the hardest play, to sit back and wait, so when the op presents I commence to intently  command my fate. Watch the ripple grow into the wave ma, It's impossible to make a fair trade, our worth is pyramid great, a myriad of minds that think the same! Here we go Both hands man the controls, until we crash or reach the end of the road. Mother ship equipped with the mother load let em know. At the top of the roller coaster, shoulder to shoulder, growing older before it rolls, knowing    gravity gon take over,  and during the fall the ground gets closer W Even though my breezy flow leaves em so needy, they greedily go great me,  as lately as recently to weed through the mediocrity,  that plagues all their cities and stifles abilities This is the cloudy mist you inhale to mentally drift into position where your only option is tripping the rift. Get up get it in. Dismiss the indecision So proudly ride with them, flippin through the space where stars in constant collision, hit like mr.  kik and provide a other worldly universal rhythm listen.. Chorus In this life, no dead days... time shows on cold a face can't wait. Let the feeling seep deep into you, to the place where you move your molecules. When it's time, my mind I keep it cool,  cuz however they play its never by the rules. that's the reason why were where here where we need, see the machine don't stop or loose speed, driven by the stuff that creates dreams.  And when cut it won't  die it only bleeds.
I had this itch to spit consider it a gift, work with it since i became literate, and learned to spit the rhetoric for more than the hell of it tell them kids about their worth and their relevance, with eloquence so elegant majestic like mountains my oral outings purify you inner youth fountains seek and treasure it. Forever through every incredible endeavour, weather crawling through crevices or climbing the highest of mount everest. A head of it like CIA tech see why they respect the intellect of a well finessed mic check, no seconds lost i reckon on or off the record I pose a poets prospective wield my heart collect my thoughts. Infect them all, creations blessing, this is positive perfected, standing naked proudly watching Babylon fall. The social sickness we supposed to witness close but chose eyes closed and froze helpless from a distance selfish maybe here is something different i can use your consistent assistance in ushering all of this to the finish, of the fiction that we started poorly authored history hardened into hardship and misery. Silly really when i see the will is used to get it free. Feel me filling you like Helium. Hear Rum Rock your eardrum by the billions real hearts held high and deal with it. Born and gifted torn and twisted swore i witnessed awkward shiftiness in Colombia's Districts. Bribery lively politics thriving insects BluRum don't believe in coincidence my inner kid lost his innocence. My third eye heard i like words… open wide and advise me to write what i observe to move the herds. Wake em with the most riveting reveille elephant revelance stomp em hard then spit it back at at them heavily tell em who's heaven sent incredibly steadily he propels like a bat outta hell expelled from the wishing well. Kiss and tell minuscule minute miss the mission then return to watch the revolution on they television then. Wonder bout the evolution where and where will you ascend. Tell me again, i do not think that they comprehend Im for proving always choosing moving over loosing tools mental bruising, execution, retribution truth.
Escape from hell Follow the paper trail, Acknowledge the caper to truly ascess how they failed Didn't bother to tell the meek the method to prevail  So in order to eat they work the streets or the jails I work the beat till it bumps like brail Then lay a vocal lead to let you know I'm real I reveal a technique laid beneath the seventh seal Relayed through the belief to think is to feel To feel is to create to create is to reveal the god that is concealed under the crust of unrealized will We'd had more then our fill you trying to  chill or you coming with us? I'm out to visit the visitors  Develop a ray to change the perspective of law administers Have mental giants distribute a growth serum to mental midgets when you go take some of me with ya Get It  Like your granny did scripture But now I remove the frame to reveal the whole picture brushstrokes, color palate and signature Like reversing the telescope See my obstacles in miniature  This is what you get when this rapper gives from his inner  Seems like the coldest winter  Just cant and won't get in ya U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L)-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-(U-N-I-V-E-R-S-A-L)…. Re: You and I can move wide apply the flank together challenge oppression the courts in question and the centralized bank  The laws that only benefit the few the flawed systems that separate classes caste systems Populations in need leagues stationed in nations that feed rule benders and money laundering Our numbers make us stronger responders can conquer but we wander TV takes us yonder so Identify distractions the rations of redirections programmed with no objections I've selected lit to raise awareness our children only benefit from parental preparedness so It's up to you And eye To make the difference in a given life span of time Ignorance is bliss if the shoe fits wish it didn't sicken and my decision's to command the line its you and I
Distortion 04:37
Still Living 03:57
Still Living Suddenly this is the only place I want to be while I’m still living. Universal commitment to cosmic flow through music given, take your ass into a place where Time and Space is in the distance, we love, we laugh The plans all royal, the mans all loyal, damn it’s all for you, hold heat like Al foil by heat, my speech boils on beat, to reap spoils, complete unique coils unleash a treat for you to eat, at least aural with ease, secrete oil for greed, more of us need to be eventually free, deceived since we were seeds, stop, no we proceed, to infinity, That’s the choral decree. Suddenly this is the only place I want to be while I’m still living. For the moment I own it predict the future as a poet hold it no way to udge un less you flowing oceans my cousin, otherwise our shoes ain’t the same size. Suckas refrain from imitating even though your brain tries. Able yo find him, stable and shining, capably climbing, readily rhyming better be flying off into the horizon Chorus: Suddenly this is the only place I want to be while I’m still living. Universal commitment to cosmic flow through music given, take your ass into a place where Time and Space is in the distance, we love, we laugh… `Explosive mortar mind love the rawest of it’s kind, you’ll find if you pursue, I morph my ideas into rhymes I produce and swiftly stick to your subconsience, like porcupines in superglue. People confused by the truth forget we got the man power look around for a mountain to move give it a push and watch the snow capped pudding of proof fall in your lap while you chat to the burning bush. Suddenly this is the only place I want to be while I’m still living! The Bush was beat boxing and we just keep rocking. You see we need options to help defeat problems, and cease the sweet-talking they use to keep stalling, In hopes, we keep yawning bored. Instead we knock down the door. Shake up the fake for taking our name and gaming the natives, paying the traitors, gaining the greatness stuck in the same shit cycle waiting to break it. Chorus: Suddenly this is the only place I want to be while I’m still living. Universal commitment to cosmic flow through music given, take your ass into a place where Time and Space is in the distance, we love, we laugh


The highly anticipated album, Inverted, was crafted during an artistic rebirth where BluRum13 was liberating himself from genre and philosophical constrictions to find purity of expression. “I learned the thing we have in common with the Creator is the ability to create. So I began looking inward and creating for myself,” he says pensively. “Honesty is translatable. I’ve played many non-English-speaking countries where the venue is packed because the crowd gets ‘it,’ even if they don’t fully understand the language. “
Inverted boasts athletic and insightful flow and transcendent musicality. On “Threat Level Orange” BluRum13 lays it down limberly with abstract and ingenious verses like: Faith, changed from divinity ion dollars but humans hold the power of infinity/ go balance your chakras welcome to my ministry/ we bout to prey every hour to wash away the evil. “The threat is all the chaos and social programming in culture we’re subjected to from the commercial world,” he explains. “Venga” mixes hypnotic ethno musicality with smoldering rhymes for an intoxicating aural experience. The sleekly anthemic “Universal” loosely pays tribute to the late Michael Jackson. “In the studio we were watching MJ videos and inspired by how futuristic his dance moves were—people don’t do the twist anymore but they still moonwalk. We wanted to capture that futuristic element of his moves musically,” BluRum13 reveals.
Summing it up he says: “Making this album has been a real highlight for me because I made the music I heard in my head despite the pressure and anticipation. I was consumed with this album—there were a lot of sleepless nights—but it feels amazing right now,” he pauses. “It feels like a blockage was removed from my artery,” he says laughing.


released July 1, 2013

1 Thank. You…
Prod By BluRum13

2 Kenetic
Prod by Capella for Free Crates records.

3 T.L.O
Prod By Conn Shawnery and BluRum13

4. Strivin' Featuring Abstract Rude
Prod by R33 sound
Cuts By Young Marley for Melanster Records.

5. Inverted Intro
Prod Conn Shawnery

6. Cereal
Prod Luke Vibert

7. All Day. Feat Primo The Cinematic
Prod Chop E Chop, Cuts DJ Rags.

8. Mash On- Prod By True Ingredients.
Cuts By Conn Shawnery

9. First sign of Paranoia skit.
Prod By BluRum13 and Conn Shawnery

prod by Conn Shawnery

11. Venga
Prod By R33 Sound

12 Warrior Souls
Prod By Mr. KIK and BluRum13 additional production by Kumar Sublevel

13 Rum Matter Master skit.
Prod. by Conn Shawnery and BluRum13, bass by Peter Saintiago

Prod By Mr KIK and BluRum13

15 Distortion
Prod By Bloodbeats

16 Still Living
Prod By Fenna, cuts by DJ Woody


all rights reserved



BluRum13 Montreal, Québec

BluRum13 is one of the most prolific, international and versatile American emcees, with over 200 songs released on labels hailing from the USA to Australia, spanning 5 musical genres.

Known for his exceptional lyrical dexterity, profoundly conscious rhymes, and inimitable baritone flow, BluRum is most known for his collabs with Ninja Tune artists Kid Koala, DJ Vadim, and Luke Vibert.
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