U​-​N​-​I​-​V​-​E​-​R​-​S​-​A​-​L feat Resyte Theez

from by BluRum13

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Collab with the Ill Resyte Theez, on the beat and the rhyme,


Escape from hell
Follow the paper trail,
Acknowledge the caper to truly ascess how they failed
Didn't bother to tell the meek the method to prevail 
So in order to eat they work the streets or the jails
I work the beat till it bumps like brail
Then lay a vocal lead to let you know I'm real
I reveal a technique laid beneath the seventh seal
Relayed through the belief to think is to feel
To feel is to create to create is to reveal the god that is concealed under the crust of unrealized will
We'd had more then our fill you trying to  chill or you coming with us? I'm out to visit the visitors 
Develop a ray to change the perspective of law administers
Have mental giants distribute a growth serum to mental midgets when you go take some of me with ya
Get It 
Like your granny did scripture
But now I remove the frame to reveal the whole picture brushstrokes, color palate and signature
Like reversing the telescope See my obstacles in miniature 
This is what you get when this rapper gives from his inner 
Seems like the coldest winter 
Just cant and won't get in ya


You and I can move wide apply the flank together challenge oppression the courts in question and the centralized bank 
The laws that only benefit the few the flawed systems that separate classes caste systems
Populations in need leagues stationed in nations that feed rule benders and money laundering
Our numbers make us stronger responders can conquer but we wander TV takes us yonder so
Identify distractions the rations of redirections programmed with no objections
I've selected lit to raise awareness our children only benefit from parental preparedness so
It's up to you And eye
To make the difference in a given life span of time
Ignorance is bliss if the shoe fits wish it didn't sicken and my decision's to command the line its you and I


from Inverted, released July 1, 2013
Prod By Mr KIK and BluRum13



all rights reserved


BluRum13 Maryland

BluRum13, the artist charged with intrigue and meaning that instigates a fundamental universal understanding. Lyricism via the voice of molasses.

Blu, from the primary color, a foundation that can’t be created; Rum, representing intoxicating fluidity; and 13, the numerical link to the cosmos.
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