All Day

from by BluRum13

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Ode to Hiphop... Happ yBirthday


24-7, 365 days of the year times 10, a generation times 2, plus 2, ‘86 was the genesis enter this phase, transcripts on a page from a phrase ripped for the days events, ripped on the mic, amazing since, I never slip, grip mics, spit fire from the grill the desire of my will still burns in- turn, I'm still ill, skills kill when applied like genocide to monotony monopoly properly identified prompts men to decide to slide to the side swallow pride don’t collide with Blu and I, U-N-I verse, diverse lit, transmit raw band-with megahertz, megaton hits on fun shit run with cats that get open over drum kicks One hit Wonder how we do it 'cuz we Run shit!!

We be Boom Bap down to the core, some of these other rappers still jabbin they jaws, what they babblin for we the law above average not that regular law, we come betta for sure. We be Hip Hop down to the core, light music life movement, I know you want more. That’s why you came through the door dogs raisin' their paws real people recognize that the world is yours.

If I could I would, give the gift of spit to every cynic or critic from free to written off-beat rhythmic lofty or street appealing, so they can be the art they’re softly killing its an awful feeling, when we deviate from building like lazy construction workers trust men to flirt with the women, lady don’t be scared or nervous, BluRum's an evil-fighting emcee of the people and also the children. Yess!! That’s a mic in my pocket and I’m happy to see you. Not see through not Sheople as part of the Flock, Or robots like R2D2, that’s why HIPHop don’t stop free will in Its’ finest oral form, laying the landscape on your mental canvas to escape through or at least relate to in a way that’s changed your day from a hazy shade of grey to a Technicolor blaze All Day!
Of Beats and Phrase, drum breaks and speech, BluRum takes at least two every Monday, and sometimes Thursday, try practicing manipulation of phrase and wordplay, instead of “Un-Rapping” like it’s your birthday, mastering the metaphor in the first place, check the medal and the poker face competitive gaze. Ready to settle it don’t meddle kid, just get on my bike turn and peddle away. (Sho Yo Right)
Or whatever phrase you want to say to relay to the dj his clever plays amaze, and are very appreciated, and the pain from the pressure of life has been recently alleviated. That’s why I wreck and check mics, select a set you might like, expect to move your necks like bumpy flights, produce a sweat like lusty nights, must be musty trust me I’m usually right. BluRum be… Boom, Bap, Original Rap, Fat Caps, Back packs, Tascam multi tracks, opposes withholding facts, like LASER sight come right and exact. Like my lines without slack, heads minus the crack, still cipher in random hallways as pre-stage show for play. Intensify the feel like, moray eels electrify the field every day all day.


from Inverted, released July 1, 2013
All Day. Feat Primo The Cinematic
Prod Chop E Chop cuts, Young Marley



all rights reserved


BluRum13 Maryland

BluRum13, the artist charged with intrigue and meaning that instigates a fundamental universal understanding. Lyricism via the voice of molasses.

Blu, from the primary color, a foundation that can’t be created; Rum, representing intoxicating fluidity; and 13, the numerical link to the cosmos.
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