Strivin feat Abstract Rude

from by BluRum13

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R33, young Marley and Ab Rude... coming together to bring the illness


If I hurt ‘em I didn’t mean to
It’s not in my demeanor
Conception’s immaculate
I take ‘em to the cleaners
See how fast we just eliminate the cheaters
Agitate the state like um, egg beaters
Wait. Shaped like bass and tweeters
Vibrate seismographic earthquake readers
First get inside like headache fever
With a deeper creative pain reliever

It’s insane to see these so-called leaders
Act like they don’t need us
I peep the game of hide-and-seekers
Keep ‘em wide-eyed and scrutinize for their finest features
Preachin’ as if a halo had the head beneath it
My self-pride won’t allow me to accept the teachings and the secrets
Had me thinking I’m a cretin
These creatures of deceit will see defeat if
We read ‘em like a folded sheet and
Just press out the creases
These beatles bug me
I look liberty in the face and say that don’t believe or trust
Every time I grab the mic
Strivin, strivin, strivin, strivin
People, keep on, risin, livin
Strivin, strivin, strivin strivin,
dig it

We’re not your enemies brother
We’re your illegitimate sons
The products of your baby mothers
Get it fitted it’s ‘cuz reality’s not for the faint of heart
Now get out of people’s way if you’re not gonna play your part
The help you can hand us, still our elders don’t understand us
They call us out, reprimand us, causes reactions by David Banner
I’m feelin’ this answer, they vilify us abandon us
Sex and violence wasn’t born on BET’s cameras
So don’t try to run on me sista, you want to say voulez-vous coucher avec moi ce soir
We’ve seen our pimps turn principles our crips turn cops
Women of Brewster Place the queen of the media and we don’t stop

If I work it it’s ‘cuz I need to
Some answers you don’t speed to
Oceans become shallow but the problem gets deeper
I use whatever medium I need to reach ya
Pull you out your mental prison and introduce you to the ether
Either we all agree to believe in no discrimination or slavery
Subjugation or poverty or we will all perish eventually
Now mentally I do not see that that was meant to be
We annihilate our own species, please makes no sense to me
And doesn’t reflect our assumed intelligence
consumed by irrelevance then innocently
distracted from our intent which was I believe to truly get free
recognize the cage and its ways the patterns displayed
but the actions remain the same reflections of insanity
induced by deceptions and calamity
abuse their weapons out of vanity
the concept accept the duality
inferior superiority complex when
nothing is a subjugate, better than any other
they don’t want us to see
I want to hold technology out the hands of a corrupted government
and wield it for the betterment of all people

keep on, every time i grab the mic
strivin, strivin, strivin, strivin
people, every time i grab the mic
strivin, strivin, strivin, strivin, dig it.


from Inverted, released July 1, 2013
Featuring Abstract Rude, Production by R33



all rights reserved


BluRum13 Maryland

BluRum13, the artist charged with intrigue and meaning that instigates a fundamental universal understanding. Lyricism via the voice of molasses.

Blu, from the primary color, a foundation that can’t be created; Rum, representing intoxicating fluidity; and 13, the numerical link to the cosmos.
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