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'Hypercolor Dawn'is a "cineclub" hit which describes the Aural context in which build and display their music. Its eerie synth rhythmically pushes you to extensions of your musical scope, provide the backdrop the rough vocals need to lead you to hook that lingers in your mind until you come back to listen again. check the video here.


Hold tight so they say you don’t loose now the rest of them out there move like blind mice, in a maze Im amazed at the pace, and the way that they play, but they just don’t play nice.
See escape ain’t a place but a way so away, so away you gonna go, hey till its alright.
Need a lake and a board for the wake and a bong to get baked so i don’t feel uptight.
Fate is a fake so create what you make just make sure its that fly.
Skate with the snakes when they all be “Jake” walking upright. Talking right, hands up for the fight, she’s up for the pipe, now out for the night, I know what she like, wings up for the flight.
Rhymes tight like a vice squad headlight shinning bright in your eyes. Strikes to your blight like Mike as a tyke or Tyse if you like, my advice to you types I’m lightning twice, don’t be surprised.

The finest things, ain’t as fine as you, even though they try the can’t split us two,
cuz to find these things defines the few.

Lost in the love of a lick of a riff and flip of the wrist and its on. When the Pigs end up in the grit and the sit and the sift through the piss in a shit storm.
No one said this was the norm, but beyond this is beyond,
afraid to speak to the hell thats around us act like nothing is wrong.
The crimes are in this song, the prisons over flowing appeal to the notion that were going going now its gone.
Resources we lost it, them forces get tops in them coffins for often they orphan young portions singing a soldiers song.
Try to give the poor something to live for, give the selfish something to give for, when we wish to decide it don’t have to de like this man that is for sure.
The score dun changed them brains we reveal it we wield it of course they feel it and heal it i can congeal it the realness

The finest things, ain’t as fine as you, even though they try the can’t split us two,
cuz to find these things defines the few.


from Indigenous Invaders EP (Above and Below), released February 5, 2014
MR. RUM aka BluRum13
Sam I Am Montolla



all rights reserved


BluRum13 Maryland

BluRum13, the artist charged with intrigue and meaning that instigates a fundamental universal understanding. Lyricism via the voice of molasses.

Blu, from the primary color, a foundation that can’t be created; Rum, representing intoxicating fluidity; and 13, the numerical link to the cosmos.
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