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Blu and Conn team up again to bring you a well crafted album BLUCONNSPIRACY. 14 days, a little sleep, and an open mind is all the time it took for the duo to muster up this masterpiece.
Once the word got out that something was brewing with BluRum13 at Conn Shawnery’s Conn Soul studios, Montreal’s top talent were eager to lend their skills to contribute to what has become a brilliant work musical alchemy.

BluConnspiracy courageously recorded most of these tracks in one sitting. From choosing the analog instruments and sounds to writing the lyrics and constructing the vocal concepts making this entire album an “in the moment” creative process. The myriad of talent able to create in this manner and converge to bring something brilliant to that moment is what makes this project so different from others. The list of willing contributing musicians is impressive and humbling considering the time available to complete the project.


released August 25, 2016

All songs Produced by BluConnspiracy
Jai Nitai Lotus (MTL/T.O) 2,5,
K.O.F (MTL/FR) 9
Gabriel (SEATTLE?) 4,7,
Marley Nolls (MTL) 5,8,12
D Shade (MTL) 12
Malika Tirolien (MTL) 9
Samantha Shayla Hinds (MTL) 2
Sarak MK (MTL) 4

Jahsun-drums on track 2,4,11
Mark Haynes-bass on 5,8,10,12
Mixed by Conn-Shawnery at Studio Conn-Soul
BluRum13-MPC, Synths
Conn-Shawnery-MPC, Synths, Congas, Percussion, Turntables
Additional mixing on track 2,4,11 by Jessie Teao at Studio Mekka Montreal, Canada



all rights reserved


BluRum13 Maryland

BluRum13, the artist charged with intrigue and meaning that instigates a fundamental universal understanding. Lyricism via the voice of molasses.

Blu, from the primary color, a foundation that can’t be created; Rum, representing intoxicating fluidity; and 13, the numerical link to the cosmos.
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Track Name: BluConnspiracy
lyrics by BluRum13

Every second of my second im selecting a second
and checking over my shoulder in all directions for the reckoning
i reckon while I'm wrecking these emcees and leaving a wreckage
my vocal selection got em suggesting perfection,
come and get it! Im a life giver
write with the type of hype that might muffle your life mister,
muddle your bright picture… Im so hype the flow hype
I'm pro life and provide this for the wisdom and kids to grow don't get it twisted
why is it so difficult to understand
got me standing under sub standard dub par sukka sound clutter
subjugating music and every art it clutches
hard to part its awkward clutches plus the dirt is undercover,
try to work with the regime to stay clean
and they wont intervene if you chasing cream by any means,
but if you find the means to escape the hell dream
then you become a terrorist to hells regime..
the shadows talk to me
they tell me
what to see
cuz i dont belive
in the number 3
crumbling no mystery
conspiracy on me
assault on my psyche
energy should be free
but its all a dream…
Track Name: Fly Love Song (feat Sam I Am Montolla, and Jai Naiti Lotus)
You know, my love is always true, that means its here for you, now that your mine... Word is, contagious is BluRum's sound and i've seen him around and everythings fine...
A fly love song
A fly love song

BluRum 13
I rock for the music
infused with the Boom Bip the bee bop and blues music, tune in from the streets to the treetops and you hear it, or at least feel it when the beat knocks. Heads flock like fiends to the spot, instead of placing an order for a high degree of weed crop, depleting your stock, till the grower says you have to stop, I just have no more.. please... cock back the Hammer and Blow this joint. cock back the hammer and...

My hope worn like the bare knuckles of a reluctant champion most myself lost in the form of flying skin, blood cells most cant tell when it ends well my own integrity folded into rapper origami, forced into the crease of the hold that wants to mold me, an attempt to restrain my idea of freedom...I i shake deliberately let go of me. I never overstood the heart of malice until my own heart turned callous in order to stop us all from falling backwards gravity's a bastard. I asked the herds if they liked the current direction they huddled and baaaahd yes. I just kept on stepping but i have a feeling they don't know the current direction leads to an ending like lemmings, falling off like discarded pets... As significant as a flushed goldfish, only a few obligatory words are spoken before down it goes. Splash Splish and that's the eulogy, Please cock back the hammer


my love is always true, that means its here for you, now that your mine...
Jai Nitai Lotus
Cock back the Hammer, make your mans loose his grammar its a feeling ya'll hear it when we build it this is inner spirit, New Orleans to it, the blood and dreams to it. Translate through all the pain, love or fate to it, don't mistake the greats they don't take the shit lightly its documented speech. This is love of Billie Jean. The heart love supreme... passion ODB fashion DMC see the heart pushed the vision and mastered symphony played the roll of imagery but don't know the symmetry. in between the lines lies a passion A fly love song put to action.

I rock for the music
infused with the Boom Bip the bee bop and blues music, tune in from the streets to the treetops and you hear it or at least feel it when the beat knocks
Track Name: Name that Ganja (can you smell?)
Name that Ganja (can you smell)

suckle its so good now
they said it was grown in candy
fertlizer is mixed with mango
whats the name of that weed
gotta let me know.
whats the name of that ganja
they said it was purple kush now
don’t taste like it to me
can you tell whats the name of that weed
could it be that mango OG
but don’t taste like it to me
can you smell whats the name of that weed
could’ve been chocolate tai
but i don't smoke that you see
dont matter to me gon’ wrap it up and take a puff and
dont matter to me gon’ wrap it up and take a puff and
dont matter to me gon’ wrap it up can’t tell me nothin’
dont matter to me gon’ wrap it up and take a puff and…

when you see me on the streets can you ask…
Whats the name of that Ganja… ICant tell by the flavour is it
the OG Kush hum
lemmie get some of that bush..
put it in like i should
chalice or frantum leaf if i please
cuz it taste so good to me.
can you see
I like when you wrap it up now in something so tasty sticky icky now

let me get a little of it, no matter where its from
yeah i seen the trees from the burbs to the slums
indoor outdoor its all about fun
but i prefer the stuff under the sun
yes ladies i like the way they flower
and i prefer to wait until the hour
right before the frost
then i cut them off
cuz if its too cold whole crops get lost
so i maintain a vigilant eye when i cultivate the strain
from a seed now it known
and it known 6 months later my babies full grown
and she's not alone
call your friends up the parties coming home
you can feel it in your bones you don’t have to roam
take a few hits now the parties in your dome
rolled so that you love it and its something you should covet
as you let it take hold
its the perfect circumference for scratching your lung itch come on lets go
to a park in fact used to have a sack in my back pack
now i just pack the stuff in vaporizers and if you let your eyes will get wider
then they were before like when i cop the double wide at the corner store
thats just facts, sit back relax and hit this perhaps.

can you see now i can see that
whats the name of that ganja
is the Og the triple OG lemon Kush
but it smells so good to me
oh cuz you know i got the ganja
it taste so good to me

Whats the name of that Ganja.
did you get if from your grandma?
Track Name: Mr Brainwash (feat Gabriel Teodros and Sarah MK)
flashy images
and perception that's limited
better get you a gimmick quick
if you want to fit into this box
they don't want your feelings
or your person
just rehearse what's been selling for whatever
dumbed-down is better
model how you get to prison
cause who runs the television, radio, and all you listen to
also makes a profit off The New Jim Crow
so if you really want to blow
one-sided characters, or caricatures of our people are the best look
just watch for the hook
the first pop music made was minstrel shows
and i don't really know how far we've grown
since then
it's more subversive
we're affected, we accept it
same medicine for us can be poison in the wrong hands
genocide in high demand
stolen music, stolen lands
so if you still want to blow with that
just listen to the man
Mr. Brainwash
and get your fame on


If you need your head clean call Mr. Brainwash
not a what but a thing and forgot who your are Mr. Brainwash.
If you need your head clean call Mr. Brainwash
not a what but a thing and forgot who your are Mr. Brainwash.

The time manager environment altered for amature
media readers who need to think with "mind expanders"
chemical or otherwise they trying to find an answer,
know their tendency tends to repeat feeding the cancer
but whats worse for greed than an exit scheme
when the dream seems to be the hamster wheel before the TV Screen Retail therapy these teens think life ain't a fair deal,
they tease death in order to feel real.
Painting a picture still at least 100 words will spill
arousing when they feel the hand of the reaper leave a cold chill.
no heating at the house but got the honda kitted
out cus i guess chrome is easy to digest,
open your mouth
and express what you want
not what you expect or are expected to express
from the hat on your head to the chain on your chest
the game ain't the fame or to claim your the best
it's to deal with the real and leave with respect
so i hear they're secret with the seals and barcoded your neck
but no prick can predict what you gonna do next
so slick stick with it so the wicked slip off your business and you become the culture that they check.
Track Name: Nothing Gonna Change (feat Marley Nolls and Jai Nitai Lotus)
Nothing Gonna Change

As you enter his mind
you will find rooms for 16’s
the elements of hiphop
People need to know each on teach on hiphop 101
get it

They say speak teaches
heart reach preachers
soul of divine preacher
son of a heat meeter
over they head cause brain amnesia
don’t let these lames claim seekers
seeking for gold in a filthy place
see they’re riches is stole from a different race
see they pictures they paint with a different face
claim they’re wisdom is great with a different saint.
let the elements connect on the one
and my brother stay liv on the drums
never forget where your from
running from your past cuz your present aint fun
we figure then we take a lost
thats twice cuz more flows for the bars
they may be dancing with the stars we
dancing with the
in a room full of gods

its not the sword its the ma weilding it
its not the skill its the ma behind the skill

Lyrical fire light, pyro sight, guided strife
view the flame and rage in side not the guiding light
i ride to write as i my pen is pleading for its life and as long as i like
i feel the hunger strike
now im conscience
I think therefore am in the brink of being monstrous
release from problems man cuz im cognitive not another cog native
plugged into the clock waiting for the check out time even if you hate it,
debate it while i wreck house
reptiles crack their turtle shell stick your neck out
the rest doubt the position
precise the decision if i go the block route grab your neck and apply pressure
until you blackout
tell you to sit down and chill out

This is for the sane
thoughts will never change
scribbled on the train
Track Name: Sing Along
The purpose of writing to serve as inviting prepare you for fighting its mind tantalizing not surprising how this might seem mesmerizing got em in a wide screen to tantalize em like its not a nice thing liken to the lick of lightning exactly got em twitching to the sounds of the mic king want the cake and the icing not the ice id rather spice in the form of life tortured like Bagdad was your loyal wife don't get caught up in them sordid nights triangulated lights royal rights oil fright lunar batteries charged in moonlight. who's right? not me by any means god rest the soul of my enemies....

sing along.

I stay a different dude spit over an interlude introduce an attitude that might fuel your inner feud master the minuscule from a microscopic view that might view even the smallest clues, ensue i came just to leave to leave you screwed when i profess to be the professor you should know im schooling you... Com fe test but leave with your number twos before you step stop think it through what you gonna do? chances are i already thought of it too... while you under estimated from the inner you and allowed them to enter you, every interview now every statement spewed defines the clown that's true...the public must believe the shine ain't cool acting like the rhymes your tool passion right beyond these fools laugh and fight like last day of school, crash your might like gravity rules matter through light but darkness persue action through flight it all gets confused off the high dive in the gene pool.
Track Name: Unify the Body (feat Gabriel Teodros)
anti-colonial testimonial
hip hop, ceremonial
decolonize music
Nomadic like Massive
and my brother BluRum
who runs the planet
like exiled projectiles
styles of a foster child
we had to make a path where is none
shine where there's no sun
under clouds i'm from
ten months, all grey
raindrops, all day
satellite from SEA
pray through music and all ways
no one can save us but us
be courageous
to love harder than anything you afraid of
all these bones and ghosts that we are made of
it's both futuristic and ancient
we burn like hieroglyph graffiti painting
soul in the dust
what bumps from in your basement
space where all we are becomes sacred

we keep it rocking from dusk to day
moving from dawn to day
move from your coast to mine anyway
real music unify the body

Rum come drop a huge load
rock a few shows
find treasure in the letter they cop the fools gold
who knows why the flow
cant play then you fold
low and behold we rep correct you search for loop holes
you trolls with no soul sabetage your own goal
hollow soup bowls
we opposite like two poles
got skills that's useful and produce the crucial hits,
make this the instant your bullshits on hold.
that settles it like sediment we running through your regiment
cuz military settlement means somebodys getting it
talk is cheap but cheap talk is obsolete
when the wolves deal in meat
you cant coming smelling like hurt sheep
if my tongue has feet it walk the beat a
but it wouldn't police it'd protect and serve as keepers of the peace
at least id have my word
wings on them exhibiting the freest of speech.
Track Name: U Gotta Get Right (feat Marly Nolls and Oz)
peace rhyme tight
beats rhymes for life
we wielder of the light
got em taking flight
the pen at precise
angles changes sight
90 degrees left
turn these emcees right
my need to be nice
taken as advice
they seeing me like
he does what he like
my voice box the ice
that cools them hot types
cruise the dark nights
looking for new plights
duke a few fights
who’s the new hype
nobody that you like
unless we unite
hiphop will stay spliced
biters like white lice
haters with hard spite
cyincs that cant fight
police full of fright
lead with hard right
leave scars like knife
fresh in the eyes
devils in disguise
don’t be surprised
we all hypnotized

see me baby
i be the buddha zen
in the end
fall back facts be getting the ends
spit tracks so wise took a reach in the cut 10 on 10 man
closes uncut seeing life with a fish eye lens crazy
make you see things in a blink of a flash
drive by fast
quadruple your triple bypass
see if you didn't have this,
you wouldn’t be having a heart attack
BluConn with the tracks that attack and smack
smack you back in your face boy
Track Name: The Most Boring Emcee (feat K.O.F. and Malika Tirolien)
I got wisdom, in a position
of addiction, even when im spitting
im fixin on hitting a twist of the ism,
now i want to lounge like I like a reclining position
finding a time when Mary J ain’t even on my mind
i get carried away
to a place where the world is microscopic
and fear is making a funny face.
puns and plays it come from a well known space y’all know
my thoughts circle while smoke halos my head the spirit of Bob Marley got me feeling like a dread lock the spot and don’t let them fool ya in
lifes party, rock the body
but don’t embody the rock,
save the crack for the heads
I prefer the rapping instead so this is it
my non written manuscript
guaranteed to make them hypocrites flip a bit
cuz i can be an addict to the rhythm not a slave to the rhyme
whatever’s on my mind i escape through the time and come out entertwined with he cleverest of baselines let it mature like fine wing K.O.F divine design.

Chus le plus ennuyeux le plus calme des hommes,
Je bois du jus, je bois du Perrier quand ils boivent du rhum
Le plus tranquille, le plus souvent en forme
Y a rien qui m'interesse dans l'bordel (Bis)

Verse :

Chus pas le MC que tu crois, pas un MC qui s'y crois
Pas un MC qui ce farci un autre quotidien que toi
Pas un MC qui évolue dans le vice, la violence
Pas un MC qui a les réponses, pas un MC qui renonce
Pas un MC plein d'gun plein d'hyènes plein d'cécé
Pas un MC intouchable, tellement d'fois blessé
Pas un MC prodige, chus un gars qui balise
Mais je perpétue l'effort chus un MC qui s'corrige
Se dirige comme il peut, chus pas un MC Mafieux
Plutôt un MC fatigué qui ne veut plus jouer le jeux
Car chus un MC exigeant envers moi même et les gens
La démagogie me fatigue chus pas un MC qui ment
Chus pas un MC qui prend, jveut être un MC qui donne
Qui se transcende et utilise le micro comme personne
Y a plus de MC qui déchirent, de MC qui cognent
Y a plus de MC qui m'impressionne de MC qui sonne
Y a que des MC dance et des MC qui se plagient
Des MC grave naze qui malgré tout s'agitent
Des raps qui shlinguent des lyrics aérophagiques et tragiques
J'écoute presque plus que des vieux titres
Mais chus un MC qui cultive l'espoir alor j'accepte
Sans écouter trop leurs histoires et j'respecte
La majorité de ceux qui s'impliquent
Avec la sincérité l’amour de la musique
Track Name: Wind it up
She said she could see me as her fantasy I said really
If you wish you could ride along with me to new heights you see.
she said that sound alright maybe a little privacy is just what we need
I was like i do know just what you need a little privicay
Baby come wind it up
like time we gonna wind it up
Baby come wind it up
like time we gonna wind it up
let me see you funk a lil
do your thing
i dont see no mistakes
They made you like that for a reason
said its that big sound season
what ever it is your breathing
you gotta give me some
herd you walked right by that way
i was like man ima make play
or maybe just walk by then say
baby gimmie some..

Baby come wind it up
like time we gonna wind it up
Baby come wind it up
like time we gonna wind it up
Track Name: Gimmie Some (feat Sam I Am)
I see you walking by doing your thing got me saying Gimme some.... i don't really remember what i said..
Track Name: Who's in Control (feat D Shade and Marley Knolls)
Walking epidemic to my rhyme
asking why do i do
what i do to
do thoughts cross borders memory water
****his stance and
****his enemy looking the same color
as that moon
i had to check this ya’ll
I had to break his jaw
they don’t want to see me step to jah
fresh before you
i drink a river if i have to
i drink my water drink my water cuz i got to
i drink the ocean in a drop you should ask blue.

I stay head strong when they dead wronq
hit man hit em like chong on the bong now its mind blown
men gone wrong ring the exit gong before i take em all on
crazy dont make me break these emcees back to molecular form
Travon and Eric and all other pawns of the race game got another sad song
something everybody gotta think on
can we get a marathon with no bombs
CEO taking governments on
and poverty is a lost cause
wounds in the side of the misused
gonna need more than gauze for the issue see the blood get through until the world is used to the violence and the red hue.
Look at me Straight in the face waiting to lay me to waste cannot be put in its place cannot be copied or traced
tell me who’s in Con?
who’s in Con? who’s in Con? whos in Contol!!??
Who’s in Control
Babylon, Babylon come down
Babylon come down
babylon babylon come down

Captain at the helm of a starship
I get it in from the stage to the mosh pit
babylon come round wanna start shit
then they wanna know why we going off script
ahh here we go again
same ole episodes when it
all gonna end
we on the hustle trying to meet those ends
but the piece on the creep trying to sleep your friends
those the demons that you see in the human form
some have even got a shield and a uniform
rather us conform to the new norm
instead of realizing what were used to is gone
mind washed through the news and the media
quick to consume everything they feeding ya
we bang the drums till we bang the sticks
and we in control like janet in 86
Track Name: Essential Elements
I grew up at a time when these rappers had rhymes
gang sign got throw up a lot less than peace signs
and the waist move move more than the opposition do,
while very few people would turn around to shoot you.
white rappers were still developing a position
record labels were record labels considered a healthy opposition
this is fable to your ears but it once was non fiction
before the trap they cooking up raps in the kitchen,
im itchin like i got a fresh fade in my cap
and never had the hair brushed off my neck and my back
I give back like a butcher cuz i feel it in the ribs
they carved up th culture to make these sausages
regurgitate the great to keep it safe
keep it image based cuz they to timid to risk take
eliminate the competition make sure there's no crowd to listen
by not allowing a perspective in the system...

B-boy, b-girls, emcees,Dj's

I won't enter in to contract unless i enter a Conn track
now contracting a disease that's combat
and exactly what we need or don't
achieve through arms or won't
when the eyes that watch you go
are the enemies surprise they got you yo,
looking lost in them headlights
here lies the future life of a frightened deer right here
realize with real eyes they shed real tears.
sometimes im dead to fear
fresh for the fight im dead to rights
thought running through my scalp like head lice
you claim you nice
but im alive and that will suffice
cuz ive returned from the dead at least twice,
now im back on my purpose right
the turtles upright your girdles to tight
it hurts to be precise
we roll through them squares like dice and dot em...